4 Things to do After a Motorcycle Accident

A wrecked motorcycle in the street

While motorcycle accidents in New Mexico are common, knowing exactly what to do after experiencing one is not common knowledge. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you might be looking for direction on what to do afterward. For example, if you are the victim, you may be considering whether you should take legal action. Additionally, if your injuries are minor, you may be wondering if it is necessary to go to a doctor. Making the wrong choice can be costly to your health and your potential legal case.

Below are four critical steps you should take directly after a motorcycle accident:

Seek medical attention

You may not see a need to seek medical attention right away, especially if you currently have minor injuries. However, it is well-known that injuries from accidents tend to worsen over time, especially if left unexamined and untreated. It is not only critical for your health to seek care quickly, but also as a victim with a possible personal injury case—having timely medical documentation is essential. Do not delay and seek medical care right away.

Make a police report

Document your side of the story in as much detail as you can and while the event is fresh on your mind. Reporting this information is important for insurance purposes and for your case. In the event that a police officer was not dispatched to the scene, you may still need to file a report with the New Mexico Department of Transportation depending on how much property damage there was or whether there were injuries.

Document as much as possible

You should document as much as you can about your accident on your own, as well as keep a journal about your physical recovery. Some of the things you can do to strengthen your case include:

  • Take photos of the accident scene, your motorcycle, and your injuries.
  • If you had any interactions with the other party, be sure to take detailed notes of your conversation(s).
  • If there were witnesses and you obtained their contact information, store this information somewhere safe.
  • Order a copy of the accident report
  • After seeking medical attention, retrieve copies of your medical records, bills, or statements and keep these records.
  • Keep a journal in which you make a note of issues like pain, feeling of depression or anxiety, problems sleeping, or social events you need to skip.

Retain an Attorney

After enduring a traumatic motorcycle accident, your priority should be healing and not stressing out over the legal aspects. Instead, you should have the best lawyers in your corner, fighting on your behalf. In addition, when you have an attorney, they will handle all communication with the insurance company for you, allowing you to focus on your mental and physical recovery.

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