Oil Field and Drilling Injuries

It's common to see oil and gas drilling operations throughout Texas and in parts of New Mexico. Thanks to large deposits of natural resources, the collection of oil and gas is a major business here, creating numerous job opportunities throughout both states.

Oil and gas drilling, however, is incredibly dangerous work. Everything from faulty equipment to inadequate training can cause workplace accidents, including gas leaks, oil and gas fires, pipeline explosions, and other rig accidents.

The lawyers at Salam & Associates, PC, don't let others' negligence with oil rig and gas drilling workers' rights to recover fully from their injuries and return to work if possible. From our offices in Richardson, we offer counsel to individuals throughout Texas and New Mexico. We can also meet (by appointment only) in Las Cruces.

We will use a combined 60 years of legal experience and all necessary experts and resources to investigate the circumstances surrounding your injuries. If negligence was a factor, we will take legal action and aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Common Causes of Accidents

During investigations of oil and gas drilling accidents, our lawyers often uncover negligence that includes:

    • Faulty equipment
    • Defective safety equipment
    • Insufficient safety equipment
    • Inadequate training
    • Inadequate staffing
    • Negligent hiring practices
    • Underqualified or careless employees
    • Poorly maintained machinery or equipment

Rarely is it ever just one form of negligence. A negligent oil or gas drilling company may hire an underqualified employee, then provide him or her with defective safety equipment, making both the employer and the manufacturer of the safety equipment liable.

We Look at All Parties Involved

Working together, personal injury attorney Fatima Hassan-Sallam and business law attorney Pamela S. Evers use a combined 50 years of experience to uncover the true causes of oil and gas drilling accidents. If another employee, company owner, operator or manufacturer was negligent, we will file a claim that seeks compensation from all possible sources, including insurance and the at-fault party if necessary.

We know what's at stake and we know how to find those responsible for your injuries to be held accountable.

We Will Seek Damages Appropriate for Your Situation

We fight to protect the right to compensation for injured oil field and gas drilling workers across Texas and New Mexico. We do this by painting the entire financial picture:

    • Medical bills — We look at the cost of immediate medical treatment and any ongoing care that has taken place during the life of an injury claim. We will also look to the future to determine any additional medical expenses associated with a catastrophic injury or permanent disability.
    • Costs for reconstructive or multiple surgeries Burn injuries, amputations, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are just a few of the more serious injuries associated with oil and gas drilling accidents. These types of injuries can require extensive or multiple surgeries and even reconstructive surgeries to correct scarring and disfigurement. We calculate these added costs when requesting full and fair compensation.
    • Lost wages — When factoring an amount for compensatory damages, we will consider how long you will be out of work because of your injuries and use past pay stubs to calculate fair compensation.
    • Pain and suffering — We will also consider noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering and loss of ability to work, when taking legal action against a negligent party. Our extensive experience handling personal injury cases allows us to calculate costs for things that don't have price tags.

Contact Us Now to Get Started

If you suffered serious injury in an oil and gas drilling accident or lost a loved one because of another party's negligence, Salam & Associates, PC, will fight to get justice for you and your family. To schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation with an attorney from our firm, call 972-437-1900 or send us an email. We serve clients throughout Texas and New Mexico and are able to travel to you for your convenience. Hablamos español.


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